I lay my life down for the path,

I shall not falter, I shall obtain victory!

The standard of my enemies shall burn,

And the great wings of the Phoenix shall rise high!

I shall save those who walk the path of true repentance,

I shall obliterate those who seek to stop them!

I shall cry the cheers of victory,

Not for my glory,

Not for my gain,

Not for my life,

But so that we may be redeemed,

So that the Redeemer shall bless us,

And so that the seeds of the Defender are fruitful!

I am hope, humility, and fear incarnate!

I am Malus Exterminatus,

And I shall not fall so long as the ash rains!

-Battle hymn of the Malus Exterminatus

War of the Scales

Nesk Red_Seas