Geography and Cities of Ordantis

Ordantis is the land of humanity, exiled from the main continent of Libra thousand of years ago. It encompasses an enormous island in the south western part of the world as well as two islands part of the Redemption Path archipelago. The geography includes two mountain ranges, one in the north and one in the south, following the beach closely on each range. In the middle of the island is a large plateau, the Throne of the Defender, which is considered sacred. At the base of the plateau, on the eastern side, is the Temple of the Virtues. Located south east from the temple is Phoenix City. South of Phoenix City is Castle Virtuosa, and directly east is Great Beacon, Ordantis port city. Nestled in the northern mountain range is Silver Crevice, a mining town and home to old, tribal ruins.

Phoenix City is the largest concentration of the islands populous. It is the capital of Ordantis. Here you’ll find many farmers live and tend to their farms which are located in all directions around the city, outside the city walls. Towards the center of town (marked by the Temple of the Phoenix)you will begin seeing the industrial aspects of Ordantis, as well as it’s military quarters and military suppliers. Beyond that, you will find some general stores and other small stores. Not many shops exist within Phoenix City beyond the basic needs of the people. Most trade goods are directly shipped to Great Beacon via the Wings of Heaven, a transportation system of extremely high sophistication. (The carts follow a single rail from a station in the industrial section of town directly to a station in Great Beacon via some form of magic. It’s secrets are regarded as being extremely well kept.) In the center of town lie the religious centers, mostly of worship, the Court of the Guardian (a large open and paved court used for festivities) and to the north of the court is the Temple of the Phoenix. Behind the temple are the Halls of Burning Zeal, the base of operations for the Malus Exterminatus.

Great Beacon is a place of little production, and much more commercial. Many seek the enter Great Beacon in hopes to buy some of the best crafted weapons in all of Libra, or to get some of the rarest plants (it’s speculated that certain plants on Libra only grow on the main island of Ordantis, and therefore sell for almost 100 gold pieces an ounce for certain vegetation.) Great Beacon also accepts imports, and many business associated in New Hope stretch their business all to Great Beacon. Thus, the economy thrives depending on how unsuccessful the pirate raids are and how the weather treats frigates. Many people in great beacon are not native born to Ordantis, and are there for simple business. Bring imports, buy exports, travel to New Hope, rinse and repeat. Elven and dwarven craftmanship is highly valued in Ordantis.

Castle Virtuosa is the home of King Tarkan XII, his royal guard, and his queen. In older times, it was where the politics and processes of government took place, but since the Petrification, much of that has moved to either Phoenix City or the Temple of the Virtues.

The Temple of the Virtues is where most of the internal affairs of government take place. Don’t let the name fool you, this Temple is the size of a sizable town. The temple is used for very important and private ceremonies, such as the coronation of kings, but mostly for matters of government and the Cultus Ordum. This is also where the council of virtues meet and live.

Silver Crevice is a dusty mining town that is settled in the middle of the Mines of Riches. Buried deep inside each mountain is a vast, absurd amount of metals, ranging from every day tin, to even small pockets of the uncrackable luxium.

For information regarding the culture of Ordantis, please refer to that page.

Geography and Cities of Ordantis

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