History of Humanity, the Fall from Lux, and the Great Redemption.

Humans were among the first mortal races created. Interestingly enough, they were made almost exclusively by Lux, who, according to the teachings of Kaellux, “loved them so, that he gave them a patron gaurdian in his name.” Kaellux, or “Image of the Light” in Celestial, is the self proclaimed patron demi-god of Humans on Libra. However, he is not limited to or biased towards humans. He helps any mortal pure of heart, and casts down upon those who seek to deceive the innocent. Unlike his brother Hessenth, he is not very forgiving to those who seek to truly repent.

Humans were at first a Pure Race, much like those in existence before Libra. They were incapable of defecting or doing anything that belonged to the realm of Chaos.

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but the common belief is that Nocta herself created an avatar to come unto the Humans to corrupt them. Others say that because Libra was a world meant to balance out divine will, Quietus did not allow Lux to keep his perfect creatures.

Whatever the reason, humanity not only became capable of Chaotic actions, they embraced them, living hedonistic lives and pursuing their self interests at the cost of other’s well being. Many began to pray and worship forgotten chaotic demi-gods, and embraced their pleasures. They forsook any demi-gods of Order, and created the nation of Noctus. Their first ruler, Leothantus, led a massive crusade to conquer all that they could. The Noctans were sucessful in conquering the entire southern end of Libra, but were halted by the elves of Carithum Forest. Records show that the two races battled for more than 200 years before Leothantus son, Ronin, finially broke into the woodland border. 15 years and millions of lives later, the forces of Noctus stood outside the capital city of Carithum, Elthan, prepared to conquer and exterminate the elves.

It was on the battlefield outside of the city gates that someone appeared as the elves fought a losing battle, that two beings were born. Out of the ashes of the fires of burning city, it is said that Hessenth came forth from the flames to purge the corrupted humans, wreathed in ornamented armor of red and black. Out of the rubble of the fallen walls rose another, a tall blond being in the form of a man, dressed in white and gold, wielding a massive hammer to defend the elves and their peaceful way of life.

The legend goes to say that the two demi-gods went on to defend the elven city. Afterwords, they created the very dragons that follow them today to go forth and destroy the human Empire. As they pushed the humans back to their very own capital city, Hessenth posted a message on the doors of the massive gates of Hellsong, capitol of Noctus, stating that if the humans did not surrender than they would suffer a great purging of their race from the world, while Kaellux (not being a being of vengeance, but rather a defender) returned to live among the elves, and to teach them.

From the many ruins that remain along the southern coast of Libra’s main continent, one might guess how the story ends. The arrogant humans did not surrender, and the next night it is said that enormous pillars of flame erupted from the ground while the sky rained down lightning.

However, Hessenth did not keep his promise to purge the race from Libra. There were a few people living among the outskirts of the city that were pure of heart, and they were spared. He found them, and led the few survivors out of the charred lands of Noctus to the Elven Gulf, and told them to rebuild, and to one day prosper and promote peace in the world so as to gain the approval of his brother, Kaellux. Then, with his help, they may finally repent for the countless races they had exterminated, and for the many elves they had killed.

Thus they established the port city of New Hope, and many years later the lineage of Ronin was found and was given the civil task of running the city. After a century of reconstructing their society, the humans were visited by an embassy of elves, as well as the demi-god Kaellux who came with them. Kaellux, pleased with the humans progress, had told them that he had come to lead them towards the path of peace, and in doing so, redemption in the eyes of the demi-god of retribution. The elves motives for visiting was not so kind. New Hope, being on the border of the Carithum Forests, was not allowed to grow much more. The humans were asked to continue their redemption away from the main continent of Libra, and Kaellux had come to lead them.

So they traveled west, and just as Kaellux had promised, found an enourmous lush continent island that was to be named, Ordantis, or “Land of Order”. Kaellux has helped shape everything in what the humans have come to call “The Great Redemption.” They had been prospering well under his guidance until 100 years ago, when the 4 demi-gods of chaos came to destroy the land of Ordantis. Kaellux fought them on his own, and realized that while he may not die in the battle, many humans would. So thus, he traveled to the great plateau in the center of Ordantis (now called Throne of the Defender) and turned his physical self to stone. It was later realized that he has entered a state of extreme meditation, casting a barrier around the entire Nation of Ordantis in order to greatly suppress the influence of Chaos so that the humans may one day find redemption, unhindered by Chaos more than they are already tempted.

History of Humanity, the Fall from Lux, and the Great Redemption.

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