Servants of Demi-Gods

The Gods, or rather, two of them, gave demi-gods servants that they may create or resurrect in times of needs. Lux created the majestic dragons, and Nocta created the Sins.


Dragons are scarce in today’s Libra. In many of the first wars, they fought vigorously, and were killed faster than they could reproduce. However, they are impossible to extinct, because every demi-god of Order can resurrect a dragon from it’s remains or nurture a dragon egg (which cannot die of neglect) without the aid of the mother. They come in many, many colors.

For this campaign, I am using the standard dragons from the rule books, with the exception that all chromatic dragons are good-aligned. However, different dragons tend to ally themselves or follow a certain demi-god of order, but are not limited to following one specific one.

Bronze and Copper tend to follow Ariella. Blue and Green tend to follow Iuris. Gold and Red dragons tend to follow Kaellux. Silver and White dragons tend to follow Hessenth.

There are many other colors, but they are not normally associated with any particular demi-gods of order.


Nocta did not create anything large, or different. She, instead, created sins. Sins are humanoid, and take the form of the mortal races. There is a mystery that surrounds sins, where no one is sure if sins are born sins, or if mortals can become sins. Either way, they are said to be extremely powerful beings, especially in the presence of a demi-god of Chaos. Sins, like dragons, also tend to follow particular demi-gods, but are not limited to any one.

Envy sins are said to often follow Thanasia, but noone is quite sure why. Apathy sins are also said to follow her. Pride and Wrath sins tend to follow Eversus. Lust, Gluttony, and Greed sins tend to follow Eris. Sloth sins tend to follow Crucio, but are as rare as his appearances. Affliction sins, more commonly seen, also follow him.

Servants of Demi-Gods

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