The Creation of Libra

Many scholars, especially those of the Elven sub-cult of Ulthanway, study the world and it’s origins.

According to the testimonies of long forgotten demi-gods, Libra was created in a pact known as the great compromise. Lux, the god of light, wanted nothing more than to create life and make it prosper. Nocta, however, only wanted to destroy, decompose, and to break apart. It is fabled that before Libra, many other worlds were created by Lux and then almost immediately destroyed by Nocta. Of course, Immediately for a god, mere seconds to them, could last millennial to mortal races. It is said that in the Great Divine, you can still see fragments of these worlds floating about, slowly disintegrating.

In these worlds, it’s speculated that Lux would simply create beings, perfect servants without what Libra’s mortals would consider faults.

Quietus, watching the two gods getting nowhere, proposed to them a compromise. They would create a world for Lux to create the mortal races. These races would be not only capable of doing great things, but continuing their species with minimal effort through the process of reproduction. To please Nocta, these same races were given the ability to undo themselves, to destroy life, and to disassemble things back into chaos. Quietus created the laws of the world, which would govern and limit the power of the mortals. Time would decay them and call for change constantly. Magic was a means to create and destroy. Water was created as a means to sustain life, and ironically create great waves and disasters to take it. Mortals were also limited in their way of thinking. Logic was created to give mortals the ability to comprehend how things are created and destroyed.

The Ulthanway believe that there was once more information about the Creation, but it has been lost because that information was given to mortals by a demi-god who has ceased to be, and once demi-gods disappear, their influence on Libra fades with time as well. Eventually, they are not remembered by anyone.

The Creation of Libra

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